Wheelchair Accessible Private Hire Taxi Cab Ramsgate

Wheelchair Accessible Private Hire Taxi Cab RamsgateAt Express Cars Thanet, we are proud to offer one of the first taxi for disabled and scooter or wheelchair-bound clients in Ramsgate. We are confident that you will have an excellent experience with our Ramsgate wheelchair transportation service.

Our vehicle has plenty of room for wheelchairs and scooters to manoeuvre inside the vehicle and seat the wheelchair passenger in the front forward position, next to the driver. The vehicle can seat one wheelchair or scooter comfortably plus 3 additional passengers. There is plenty of room for all passengers to ride safely and securely, while still having lots of space for suitcases in the boot.

Our disabled access taxi is available for bookings in Ramsgate and the surrounding areas. We can whisk you away to anywhere in the UK.

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Wheelchair Taxi Cab Service Ramsgate

  • Our wheelchair accessible taxi is licensed as a private hire vehicle in Ramsgate
  • Our Ramsgate customers often comment on how comfortable & safe they feel
  • We keep the vehicle maintained professionally with high standards of cleanliness
  • All of our valued Ramsgate customers are provided the best experience possible with us
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Wheelchair Private Hire Taxi Ramsgate

Always Punctual

Whether travelling privately or for business, we guarantee to get you to your destination on time. As we’re local, you can rely on our Ramsgate Private Hire Taxi service for prompt pick-up and timely arrival.

Always Professional

Express Cars Thanet have over 30 years’ experience. If you’re looking for a Professional Taxi or Private Hire Service in Ramsgate, rest assured your driver is fully licensed and properly insured.

Always Approachable

We provide a friendly & courteous Taxi service in Ramsgate every time. Your Ramsgate Licensed Private Hire Taxi driver will be smartly presented & pays attention to the needs of their passengers.

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Wheelchair Enabled Cab Ramsgate

Travel to and from Hospital in Ramsgate

Wheelchair Enabled Taxi RamsgateA lot of people use public transport, or rely on the kindness of family and friends to get to the doctor, pharmacist or hospital on time. But, if you don’t have good access to transport, it can mean that you’re late or end up missing your appointment. It can be even harder if you need to attend regular appointments at a hospital for long-term conditions.

Express Cars Thanet will take you to whichever hospital you need to go to from Ramsgate. Don’t bother with the bus, have the luxury of travelling in your own vehicle. We will even wait for you if you need us to.

We deal with many of the big hospitals in and around the area, as we have a great reputation for looking after all our customers.

Travel to and from Nursing Homes in Ramsgate

Wheelchair Enabled Cab RamsgateWhatever you need a taxi for, we are here to help. If you need us to wait, we will do. We have an excellent reputation with many of the local nursing homes in Ramsgate, that is why a lot of them recommend Express Cars Thanet.

You may even be a care home resident who needs a taxi in Ramsgate. Express Cars Thanet, located in Thanet, but serving all of Kent, is licensed and fully insured to provide taxis to and from care and nursing homes in Ramsgate.

If you’re looking for an affordable taxi company who can get you from A to B, whatever your requirements, look no further than Express Cars Thanet.

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Wheelchair Ready Taxi Ramsgate

Take a Day Out from Ramsgate

Wheelchair Ready Taxi Hire RamsgateHere at Express Cars Thanet, we cater for all customers who are going out on many day trips throughout the year, travelling from Ramsgate.

Zoos and wildlife parks, shopping centres, any sporting venue, theme parks, famous landmarks, even theatres and cinemas - we cater for everyone.

We would be really happy to take you anywhere you would like to go. Driven by a professional, courteous and qualified driver in Ramsgate, all our vehicles are regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey.


Travelling to and from a Cruise Terminal

Wheelchair Ready Cab Hire RamsgateIf you’re going on a cruise, there’s no place quite like Southampton to begin your journey and it’s only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Ramsgate.

Once you’ve chosen your cruise, there’s one vital element of your holiday that you really need to think about, and that is: how do you get to your cruise ship?

Don’t spend valuable time looking at train timetables or public transport, or looking for somewhere near the terminals to park your car while you’re away. Instead, book a taxi with Express Cars Thanet.

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Wheelchair Airport Taxi Ramsgate

Wheelchair Ready Airport Taxi RamsgateExpress Cars Thanet provide a hassle-free and convenient way to get to the airport from Ramsgate. Let your holiday start from the minute you leave home and leave the driving to us while you take the break you deserve.

If you're travelling to the airport for business or pleasure let us drive you there – just one less thing for you to worry about. We can even monitor and track every client’s flight in real-time, using our exceptional airport knowledge to provide a first-class service every time.

Any changes in your flight schedule will be considered, meaning your transfer journey is never compromised by a late departure or an early arrival. Our professional drivers will always ensure you have a pleasant journey.

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